Well done Danny & Jack !!!



Congratulations to Danny Browne (U16) and Jack O’Donoghue (U12). Both finishing 6th in their respective races. Great racing in extremely windy conditions in the Cyclesports GP – Promoted by Dungarvan CC. Two tough young men.

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Pro riders in the group, cows in a field, what’s next ??

Sunday morning last, the 10:00a.m spin saw some of the group in giddy form, perhaps it was an excited anticipation ahead of the first major pro spring classic race, the Milan san Remo. Two riders in particular, David O’Brien and Ml Walsh left Tesco car park like two guys with fire crackers stuck in their posteriors, with Spike in his SOJASUN colours riding for a contract for 2016.

As the group crested Barne hill they passed PJ Keyes with his Slievenamon group, bidding them a good morning as they swung left for Knocklofty. With the fire crackers now burned out, the group continued towards Cahir at a steady pace. On reaching the Apple farm they encountered what they assumed was a visiting Tinkoff Saxo rider frantically searching for his fellow team mates. The amount of these Pro riders visiting Ireland lately is confusing to say the least, perhaps it’s for the breath taking scenery on offer. After passing through Cahir the group turned left towards the Fire Station where the group leader Padraig decided to stamp his authority by turning the screw a little tighter, much to the disgust of the strong men on his wheel, but to the amusement of the groups most experienced rider, Tom Dalton, who was very comfortable on cruise control.

With Tom still cruising, the group reached Clogheen, where on the insistence of Padraig they stopped to count cows in a field, a grand morning it was though for cow counting. With a pot full potatoes to be peeled back home, Tom O’Brien gathered the group and headed off towards Newcastle via Goatenbridge. Padraig managed to keep the group working together ’til O Donovan’s yard before the resident sprinter’s took up the pace to the Finger Post. The giddy crew had all arrived back to Clonmel together, smiling, with no one left behind.
– by Padraig Ryan

Anyone with a road bike (racing handlebars) and with an interest in sampling group riding, please come along any Sunday morning and join the 10:00 a.m spin. Starting mid April the club will be re-introducing a 40km spin with an average speed of 22kph. Keep an eye on the club website and facebook page for an exact starting date.

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“Without a struggle it’s not going to be satisfying”

We cross the line with one more lap to do, another 40km. I’m breathing heavy, my legs are burning and I’m beginning to doubt myself. I knew today was going to be hard, but this is crazy….

Landy Cup A4 Carrick on Suir 17/03/2015

St Patricks Day brought both Dixie and I to Carrick on Suir. Being our neighbours race this is one we wanted to do well in but knowing the course I knew it was one that I would struggle in. There would be plenty of short sharp inclines and a couple of long drags. Added to that with a distance of 83km the Carrick boys certainly made an interesting route.

The weather was perfect. Very little wind if anything we would have a little push from behind in the final 14km and the sun was out. With 130 others in the A4 we positioned ourselves at the front hoping to avoid any crashes or messing. The first 20km is on main road down towards Mahon bridge, we rode this earlier and there are three inclines on the way but in the group on this first lap I didn’t even feel them. It’s incredible the speed and ease the group travels. Little inclines that on your own you do at 20kph, now its close to double that. I always thought “I can’t go racing,the speeds they do are insane” but in the group it happens and to be honest those first 20 km I really enjoyed, there was no messing, no crashes, I was on Dixie’s wheel and dare i say it, it was civilised.

At Mahon Bridge we took a sharp left and with a surge the group accelerated on towards Kilmacthomas. I take this time to drink and fuel, I knew the road from Kilmacthomas back to the start/finish would be difficult, and it certainly was. The group leaps out of the village, the next 14km consists of two long drags on winding roads. We average 33kph over this section and the joy that the group brought me earlier was now disappearing as it began to force me towards the back. My head goes down as my legs feel heavy.Dixie passes me and salutes, I grunt a responce, I hang on. This is tough.

We start the second lap and i feel shattered, I’m almost convincing myself I am. That’s the biggest lesson I can take from this race,the physical training means nothing if you begin to question if you can finish. Thankfully the group eased a little at that point giving everyone time to refuel and time for me to recover. As we entered Kilmacthomas for the last time, we had 70km done, only 13km left. This gave me such a boost, “maybe I can hang on” I thought, only 13k! The joy returned as we flew towards the finish. This was great fun but unfortunatley with 3km to go, on a bad bend we see the road blocked and with a rider down from the A3 race before us, the correct decision was made to stop ours. A nice touch at that point, before rolling through to the end, was that there was a shout of “Alright guys, well done, good race” from the group. It seems there is great comradery between riders, once the racing has stopped of course. We all slowly roll towards the finish where today there would be no result from our race.

A brilliant tough day, onwards we go, next stop Dungarvan. Can’t wait!. – Keith Colville

“One thing that cycling has taught me is that if you can achieve something without a struggle it’s not going to be satisfying”. – Greg Lemond

Wishing a Speedy recovery to Martin O’Loughlin of Carrick Wheelers.

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