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A short recounting the fateful, fearful, candy-coloured day in 1943 that Swiss chemist Albert Hoffman purposefully ingested LSD – a compound that he had synthesised and accidentally ingested days before – then cycled back home through the streets of Basel on his bike so propably the same feeling as riding through Clonmel when youve bonked out from not eating enough on a spin

Directed by by Lorenzo Veracini, Nandini Nambiar and Marco Avoletta.



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Club Spin 23th Feb 2014

With the mornings bad forecast only 8 riders turned up the spin today. Fresh back from Calcutta after doing a humanitarian stint out there was Mark Bergin so kudos to you Mark the world needs more guys like you helping instead of giving. So Lee, Mark, Paddy,Keith, Dixie, TJ of (all of your Life Fittness Gym Cashel )and Jack headed out of Clonmel toward Ballyporeen this week as the wind again decided the route from there onto Kilbehnenny they headed  but after 40kms Mark’s Jetlag was starting to catch up and he headed home with Jack…. The group now 6 they passed Kilbehenny on their way to Cahir and with wind on their side they flew along with and average speed of 30kmph for the 95Km spin today ..

See Lees Strava for details of todays spin   

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Heritage were 119 years old this year

1962 Clonmel CC

They say if your not learning your not living and this is very true, earlier this week whilst browsing on Facebook I saw a nice piece by Michael Clarke aka “Clonmelinfo” and saw recognised 2no individuals whom I cycled with as a child and brought a few memories.Many a Clonmel CC rider went to races in Don Clarkes funky Brown Cortina estate which had an 8 Track Tape Recorder but looking through the photo I was wondering who else I would recognise but to no avail but there! up on the top left corner was when the club was originally founded which was 1895 Wow! something to learn every day. The club was originally established as a cycling and Athletics Club so I must find out more details and will post later.

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Sunday Spin 16th Feb 2014 “A Most Changeable Day indeed”

This morning was one of those morning that you just wanted to roll over hit the snooze button then get up late read the Sunday Daily’s and have a nice cuppa in the fluffy bunny slippers and dressing gown but outside it looked like it was going to be a nice day but the weatherman and countless mobile apps told us that there was going to be a different outcome for this day. Outside it was a frigid 1.5deg C with a skim of frost on the car and the grass but the Skys were blue and thats about as good as it was going to get, so extra layers were dragged out of the gearbag the obligatory porridge and into town. When I got to our 10am normal rendevous point there was the normal discussion about one subject “The Wind” and where it was coming from and what way it would turn on the way home as we have been caught out so many times before so it was quickly decided Callen Co.Kilkenny was the spot we were heading for a route we took almost a year ago to the day which I only remember due to the massive amount of punctures we got that day and the hardship getting a type on/off Paudraigs bike….So with a new rider Ivan and Sean White back after a few weeks absence the party of 16 brave Clonmel riders headed for Callen 2 by 2 passing bad roads with a lot of standing water and smaller groups of riders which had broken into single units and one particular individual got a rousing cheer from the groups along the road Worldwides Niall Cahill but the Clonmel CC machine was in full flow and didn’t have time to ponder and chat and the planned speed of 28-32kmph into the wind @ 750M turnovers for the 1st hour was in action. The weather started to change for the worst at ninemile house but the disclipine calling and signalling and watching out for each other was very good and is always encouraging for riders feeling the pressure early on.

As we headed for Windgap there were a few sore legs and empty fuel tanks so a stop at Guinans Lounge Bar at the top of the Windgap Climb was agreed and a group Photo was taken(which I have loaded to out twitter and facebook feeds and will add later). Multiple squeezies and Bottle fills were had and we headed for Owning and Piltown, where Merak and Ollie said their goodbyes as we headed for Fiddown we had 2no define group splits one heading for Portlaw direction(David, Ivan, Brian,Lee Dixie,Paddy, Barry & Paul O’D) and the other group headed for home via Carrick on Suir as the day had turned and everyone had indeed taken a soaking. Paddy, Barry and Paul O’D had the common sense and turned for Carrick On Suir after Fiddown and left the others onwards to Portlaw. The Carrick on Suir group headed up the main road and unfortunatly came acropper at the mart roundabout in Carrick which was slick and greasy and Michael J and Paul(Karma Dude)O’Neill hit the deck sliding to the ground. With only pride hurt and a lever or two turned the wrong way the group all headed home but with today being so cold wet sunny icy rainy and windy there were a lot of riders with sore legs struggling on the road home today with the exception of Barry Fitzgerald who most noticably was riding very strong indeed today. Back to the Carpark and “Jameson’s Anti Freeze” was dished out to revive the very cold and it seems to warm the spirits and well as the cockles so that’s it for this weeks notes except for todays Kudos: Paul O’D, Barry, Brian, Dixie, Nigel, Sean, Paul O’Neill, Paudraig, Merek, Ivan, Ollie,
David,Nigel ,Keith , Michael J and Paddy

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